Silent Weaponry

by Wise Swordsman

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Full length album. 30 tracks for low attention spans.


released November 25, 2014

Silent Swordsman
Univer$al AKA Yung Trouble
Astro 'Jiggy' Jones



all rights reserved


Wise Swordsman El Paso, Texas

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Track Name: PC
Throw a gem in ya ear, the masked avenger
After the adventure we low pro on the creep like a ninja
Buy a few rounds, no doubt, drink until I fall out
Welcome to the dollhouse, where my thoughts are jot down
We wallow with empty pockets and deal with police
Fall asleep on a desert beach and battle mc’s
At the bottom, we scholars with sentences getting’ taller
Or longer, my bad, my brain was hit by flying saucers
Demons in disguise that occupy my mind
Still alive while guys like to spit in death’s eye
Not tryna give a lecture or form of peer pressure
Maybe it’s a heads up read from an open letter
Rock and roll made it, hip hop made it
Trapped on this planet, this microphone is my haven
The sanctum is live, but you know its all peace
Sparkin’ names on the concrete, peace

Beats from the pc
We perform and record on the pc
Reality leakin’ out from the pc
Creativity is loud on the pc
MC on the beat from the pc
We perform and record on the pc
Reality leakin’ out from the pc
Creativity is loud on the pc
Track Name: Brunch with the Son
Rhyme, reason, mind’s what it pleases
Right to bear arms got everybody rockin’ sleeveless
Speechless while in action heart attacks happen
Bullets rip this, fix ya facial feature framework
Apologize for the haste, you know we came first
Ink blots form mind designs, not a painter
Hand rests easy post sinking into paper
Words of opinion are considered in this madness
Fact is, action is what mattered in the passion
Sorry signs pointed to the patsy and the rabbit
Followed all fears, but it’s become a bad habit
Killed by curiosity before you even had ‘em
Blast cannon; cease fire fightin’ fraudulence, the phantom
Fine with being finished fixin’ damage on the planet
Fantasy not filled, seemed the water spilled
Watch Hoodini hold the match, that’s the fire for the ill
Sitcom scenarios, see you ain’t serious
All cats dramatic from the cinema and scissor cuts
Stone the house of mirrors, now I’m seein’ much clearer
Trump card up sleeve, now take me to your dealer

First thing done before noon, after dawn
Take a trip down the hatchet with a racket and a song
Never eat nails, but the iron lasts long
And I got the mind correct so I always right the wrong
Track Name: Fast Clock
The dopest alive since the last reincarnation died
Deliver raps like a valentine
Solid icicles hit you, polysyllable and a Silent instrumental
Sparks from the temple
Fast clock put me on the spot, try to dodge these bars
And get resolved by the mark of the palm
Time limit splendid, easy to finish, not more than a minute
To kick sickle slashes to throats
Choke on your own words, a perfect mind learns
Eyes burn, venom spit is in, I’m sure
Curtain calls for the disposable, immune to the total bulk of rivalries
Hold it down with everything inside of me
Hop scotch across the barrage and stand tall for the shot
We got about a half minute on the clock
Silent Weaponry is deadly, leave ya head empty and the mind blown’s heavy
Elevation wins as the high notes get me
High pitch Mariah beam switch, high def licks
Pick apart your brain dead mix
Citizens malnourished, sounds from the furnace still burnin’
As the heads keep turnin’
Sharp talk stalks center stage, who could write a better page?
Your rhyme scheme is weak, learn to spell the name
W-I-S-E easily
Rips through your squad’s symmetry
Bigotry against the boom bap, lose that junior rap
Got so much flow I’m ‘bout to bust right through the Hoover Dam
Personal computer rap, simulated new jacks shootin’ back
Twenty two pellets as I bust your melon
Digest the print, smitten by the expedition
Almost done flexin’ tryna spare a few seconds

Fast clock monitor the shot cop pleas/please
Silent Weaponry’s still deadly
Melody is sampled by Plus, entertainin’ strangers
Say “hello” to the creators, ya made us
Track Name: Wise Swordsman featuring Calamity - The Flowers & the Forest
Ever since I was a tadpole, had a home, lazin’ on a lily pad
Suckin smoke that’s comin’ from the secondhand
Watchin’ as the seconds drag, time well spent
Bench press the weight of the world usin’ my brittle limbs
Not concerned with image, I just do it for the fitness
Flies provide protein and their delicious
A silver tongued amphibious vehicle paddlin’ back where the grass is greener
And the alga never clears up
Society’s mirror has never had a cleaner conscience
Secluded in the wilderness, intrusive thoughts are no longer responsive
The sponsors want to stomp the swamplands and plant their logo
But I respond with smiles and a laugh as the contract’s trashed
The industry’s a tourist; the industry’s a tourist snatchin’ land
Until I get the gall to come and snatch it back
Peace upon the flowers and the forest, alert is now red orange
Accordin’ to choppin’ causin’ the shortage, hold your horses
Track Name: Yes, Yes, Y'all and Don't Stop
Dissin’ caramel wishes, the swordsman and company cut, don’t be timid
Just another way of tryna make a livin’
Hidden in the mist, you can’t stop the villain
Flashback glitches
As I recall the yes and the y’all and don’t stop
We move the crowd with endowed sounds, ya dig?
Talkin’ ‘bout the imprints left by the paw prints
Rushin’ toward a goal, better open the drawbridge
Dissin’ caramel dreams, the swordsman and company’s up, aim to please
Try to cease peace ya fiendin’ for authority
Greed still impedes, don’t hope to win the lottery
Easy money schemes
Don’t exist and no one owes you the bliss, you’ve gotta earn it
Even if we fail the world will keep turnin’
Life is uncertain, we tryna find a purpose
Progression in the present hasn’t scratched the surface
Dissin’ parallel thoughts, what have I said that hasn’t been said that’s now lost?
Recallin’ the yes and the y’all and don’t stop
Reward intelligence battlin’ all frauds, makin’ ya bob
As I taunt competition no love loss, we won
Master ceremonies before we get gone
Try to connect dots and make a dope song
Not really hard as inspiration goes on

What have I said that hasn’t been said that’s now lost?
Recallin' the yes and the y’all and don’t stop
Track Name: 100%
Aye, aye, Captain, strapped with a pen and a pad out the blackness
Handpick the sloppiest path mouth of madness
Probin’ the globe with strobes
Raw cuts where the cocaine glows
100% automatic, never forget
Break water, swim through the air, the temperature’s set
Magnetism built my pyramid, dealin’ with some seriousness
Secrets seepin’ out for revenge
Appeal to your appetite for destruction
Fuck up twenty somethings and tape it just for the public
Bitches look like muppets when they get cut up the front end
May I cut in rappers who spittin’ like they got bludgeoned
Send signals, turn kids to criminals
Think it’s subliminal? You’re as stupid as you are sinful
I was influenced to be a rap slacker, 100%
Screamin’ “long live the new flesh”
It comes natural during the new age
Well placed shapes, stalemate through feng shui
Balance is set; I’m ready for the mundane
But in order for that I gotta die on day
So now I gotta finish the food on my plate
Times change with the same shit happenin’ sideways
Stein’s Gate’s open for the primates soakin’
In the new world’s potion, you can drown in the dosage
Gotta keep goin’, it’s survival of the focused
This might be selfish, but I’m tryna save myself
With a broken word model that blessed me when I fell
Tryna see me guarantees that ya eyes swell
100% automatic, never forget
Bullet proof vest, screamin’ “long live the new flesh”
Track Name: Real Feelings
Shotgun spectacular as accurate as aimin’ durin’ archery
Feel the realest pourin’ out the armory
A pox on pop, we on the job, circle blocks makin’ sure the mix rocks
Play or Hate at 8 won’t play our ode to radio days
Gotta make space for electronic bass, step inside the octagon, ya gone
Ya just another con in hip hop
We got the best hoopla, don’t settle for embezzlement or be a crooked shooter
Enjoy the contact initially from the hookah
We run hula hoops around ya rhymes that ya used to
Plus the producers
Tutor students; see the improvement, illuminated level
Leave it leakin’ for the next season because we make it happen
Stretch my hand before I grasp on the salad shortly after seminars
Supply the guide and then collect rewards
Then we bounce and make a move loose schedule
Hangin’ in the booth while others shootin’ in the vestibule

How ya really feelin’?
Like I got my connection
How ya really feelin’?
Like hip hop ain’t deaded
Track Name: In the Life
Who spiked the punch? Pardon as I light the Dutch
Got mics to clutch, carbon rappers bite the dust
When nights are done, pardon as I light the blunt
I rhyme with Plus, garbage rappers hide disgust
No right to judge, warnin’ ‘cause ya bitin’ us
Might hype the club; charge a verse at ninety bucks
We high as “what?” carpets and a ride to lunch
Got dimes in cups, starvin’ rappers try they luck
Behind the plug, pardon as I tie my tongue
Rewrite this once, bargain with a pricey bunch
Got lives to touch, target vital signs to crush
Hot rhymes a must, pardon as I shine with Plus
Just another rhyme in the life

Autumn cheef leakin’ in the air on the weekend
Put it down by the evenin’, that’s my kind of season
Cash crop is decent, I’m not even gonna pretend
That my eye is all seein’ and I know when you be cheatin’
Best kept secret and most people can’t believe it
When I say I’m not the weakest, take the microphone and eat it
Bless the intense fresh with head nods and blunt smoke
While eatin’ corn flakes by Kellogg’s, I love Post
No one is I, trying to act fly, they openin’ fire
Check out the rap style, no need to deny
Simplest rap times are now in supply
Probably bounce, but I will not retire
Think you’re on cloud nine while fallin’ for jive
Think that you got it, ya one of hip hop’s problems
Shit is retarded
Track Name: Channel Ocho
Out of date statement made circa 1998
Playin’ with rappers just fakin’ it
66.6 Noisemaker, represent
For the unheard, absurd writing crosswords
All yours straight from Channel Ocho
Better make your way toward the exit with ya rhymes so so-so
Network, spent too much time doin’ legwork
Take a day’s break, energize again, enter
Flow beyond the average measure, sixteens can’t compete with sixty fours
Bored with your rap scores
Break branches, incredible stanzas
Dealin’ with lame, spittin’ since ’08 type rappers
Go and get ya napkins
Clean yaself up after I deconstruct every line as we match wits
Single hits the airwaves, we’re radioactive
Sorry ass actress braggin’ like you got standards
Please keep ya hands up, if you got a problem you can ask us to cut it out
Friendly terms, shut your mouth
Borrowed time runnin’ out, buggin’ out
Serve you the sanction; thank us later for not givin’ you the run around
Wack rappers not allowed on my channel, Silent Swordsman samples
While the Wise Weapon handles
Controlled mic explosions, feasible cassette decks rollin’ stretchin’ out tapes
Screwed music now plays
Started out my days blazed with a coffee cake
Hangin’ at the station spittin’ fire at ya army base
Talk strange, long way, words circulate ‘til my jaws ache
Rock brains fightin’ what the law taints
Grade A track, permanent stamp for fragment raps
Can’t stand laugh tracks
Watchin’ every seal clap, peel back tattered up curtains lookin’ real bad
Car crash rap, try to feel that
Track Name: Wise Swordsman featuring Univer$al AKA Yung Trouble - Eyes
Blood loves company, release the underlings
Cold flows, icicle stream at one degree
Machete rap, go get me a sack, relapse
We snack on tracks and head to the back, you do the math
We loopin’ tracks on the FL Studio pack
Su-Su-Sudio lab kit ruins ya act, kid
You couldn’t hack it with an asthma attack or some axes
Planet bashin’ happens; faggot rappers eat a dick sandwich
Straight kick a flow on the low like Cyrano
Pitiful criminals thinkin’ raps gonna get you dough
Only built for those, Purple Tape, you should’ve known
Claimin’ that you hip hop, your brain is full of holes
Good to know, rappers freestyle pullin’ notes
I wouldn’t quote ‘cause I know they disposable
You couldn’t have presence even if you had multiple yous
Spittin’ quotable jewels with sociable cues
Track Name: Discipline
Sight see ridin’ down the street pretty leaves takin’ peeks
From the front seat, the scenery is lovely
Travelin’ man tryna extend a hand to the microphone stand
Predator style, now let’s dance
No advance or a grant if you lack fans
Suckin’ pennies from the slot machine
Gotta be a better way to get by, suicide rhymes never made it to the front side
These are the days of our lives
Combinin’ nickel and dime rhymin’
Simple Simon clients move toward the sirens
Off the ship deck, dickhead, ya rhymes ain’t different
And I can put that on everything I’ve written
Eternity is so soft
Hopefully the pain of life only lasts once before we get to dose off
Painkillin’ as we tranquilize time
Movies for the blind make you weep for the mind
Solid grind hide and seek eyes you can’t stand by
The last line is mine and weighs about a billion dimes
Livin’ counter clockwise in a negative space
Strange like the Benjamin Button case
Can’t relate the way stay awake and enter domes, astral projection
Revert to this cadence and drop basic lessons
The beware of radon kind
An underground danger, but guess what
We came up; at times it does come with a pay stub
But then come desperate attempts connectin’ with heads
Who wouldn’t mix, I bet they leave behind shoe prints
Rhymin’ off nickels
Revenge of the Pen on at seven PM, you got the signal
Syllable smash, a sty gash from the tree branch
Rhyme started nice, ended ugly, sonny
Track Name: Riverdale Triangle
Oh, shit, Veronica, Veronica, get yaself made up
Riverdale scales tip when you aren’t a stranger
Never went steady, even after sharin’ a malt
Say nay to be bein’ a closet case and let’s date
Put it on your tab, I always took a chance to grab
And never received a backhand
Maybe I’m makin’ my friend jealous
But you don’t need to know that in a temporary heaven
Valerie’s on tour so come take a load off
Show off ya bag and new threads that are a new trend
Ya father is watchin’ us
Sick of all the rumors circulation’ steady makin’ us popular
For all the wrong reasons
Moose knows the truth, Reggie lied about our weekend
But still, you wanna end it
Attractive as it seems, I don’t want the friendship

Put in mad years
Now I gotta switch gears

Betty Cooper, I should’ve asked you out sooner
Non dumb blonde and at times a straight shooter
Cool with my man, you even sit for his sister
Our tambourine dreams are leadin’ toward perfect pictures
Heart always drops when eyes lock at the chocolate shop
I celebrate days we lock lips
Stay away from Cheryl ‘cause she does get promiscuous
And you know what that kind of trip’ll do to us
I’m not your one hit wonder playin’ off of guitar tabs
Like when we messed around in that garage band
Was oblivious to flirtation devices, but now I like ya
You’re the type to make a man a liar
Just to get close to you, I’m speakin’ the unspeakable truth
And right now it’s all about you
Plan in shambles, a new sign of trouble leans
You know I want a double team

Put in mad years
Now I gotta switch gears
Track Name: Silent Weaponry
F-Plus Weapon 27 in the session
The best two heads to request, how you get it?
Tap dance on ice tryna break up the silence
Worship the courtship between beats and rhymes, kid
The quiet destruction
Of a nobody fadin’ into nothin’
The truth and consequence of never bein’ impressed, arrest development
More time than money, can we settle with a settlement?
Peddlin’ this music, do you like how we handle?
In bad luck we trust, right now life’s a hassle
Silent etiquette you can bet your bottom dollar on
Survival of the regiment, but I can’t call it, dog
Everybody’s in their own world singin’ their own songs
Go find a new approach, y’all
Shavin’ samples, choppin’ mechanisms, switchin’ sequence
Look out weekends, here we come
With a new dumb sound, teams try to stop us, but they spit dummy rounds
Bear trap gets set, step unto the hunting grounds
A mic jack, we poke ya
Thrust through apparel, disrepectin’ the culture
Proceed toward the super cool team, season of the scheme
Seekin’ sounds louder than these trees
Appreciate the fact that you leavin’ in tact
Mediocre raps don’t last; ya tagged with a skin rash
Attackin’ this, what have you, you never had to battle
You play in people’s shadows; no way this kid’s a natural
The puddle splashin’ at you, indefinite suspension
Benched for the rest of the quest, a lazy little engine
Getting’ credit while he fused with the epic, please, stop the presses
Get yaself a gift and go cop silent weapons
Dead ends accepted, that’s rock bottom pressure
Hands off the lever, that’s how we do lectures
Track Name: Wise Swordsman featuring Univer$al AKA Yung Trouble - Full Moon Friday
How ya do? What it is? Ballroom blitz, lines are out of print, solid tint
You can’t see the image or silhouette
F-Plus customs, button mash session and the best stuff’s comin’
Set ya watch to it as the next one’s done with
MC’s get hammered and they still can’t touch this
Spit shine sick rhyme
Gold nugget eye see past lies, you a stand by
Half baked, now turn around and see the tan lines
Got half a mind, then I mind that you use it
Hold ya nose inhale the smoke and dive in
As the hand rocks the cradle makin’ the record spin
Needles get wrecked injectin’ this heroin
To your eardrums, son, sound's eerie like Theremins
Apocalypse now, Agent Orange all in your shit
Bet you won’t sign after readin’ the fine text
Never did step without knowin’ the time, kid
I guess we all commit robbery,
But if I cheat, I hope I don’t copy sloppily
I just do it with my influence to honor me
Even if they don't acknowledge me, i got my team
Stars jersey and a curtsey from a Hollis queen
We all connectin’ like a friendship, from NY to Texas
Smash it with Brazil at the entrance
Smash it with Brazil at the exit, what!?
Track Name: Day 1
Daylight come, star struck since day one
Cycle of the sun
Always wondered where did it come from
Suffered revolutions since day one
Some do not even get to see the sun once, civilization was paved over
Only to find out that it is much older
Long lost technology’s perplexin’
Raisin’ more questions
You can bet that every blueprint was made to be solved and has been solved
But now that knowledge is lost
Only revolutions will tell if present day society will make it or fail
Buried in the earth’s shell
Anti gravity methods to resurrect the former catacomb culture
Safe from the elements torture
Did we know more then, than right now?
Sun is the lighthouse, the universe is my house

Going backward

Dark day one and now breakfast with the son
Light on day one
The sun has suffered worship since day one
Suffered many suns since day one
Some do not even get to see the sun once
Earth prototype has been abandoned
Artificial textures measured beyond what the eye can see, beyond what I can see
Third eye’s not included in your remote control doll
Do you know what’s goin’ on at all?
Question, question, screenin’ the suggestion box
Kick your waves away from the radio station, vigilante justice
The type you never saw comin’
My cokehead method expressed on day one
Tailored to my design
Reassign the whole order, makin’ what must lie go aggro and rise
Your whole DNA structure paralyzed
See through summation of basic skills on day one
Track Name: Write Machine
Through automatic writing, lightning strikes more than twice
No use hiding under your desks, we wreck reps
Ahead of the present tense we flexin’
Obscure your weapons, as we approachin’ the land of Texas
Carry projectiles
Not good to not have and then get down
Can’t save ‘em all, but you can figure the rest out
Wise Swordsman comin’ out with a fresh style
Half baked Land-O-Lake ideas for strangers
Say your prayers, you’re about to meet ya maker
Give me all you got and don’t think about lyin’ to me
Preach thoughts printed off of the writing machine
You leave doors open we swarm in
Spit sick rhymes I’m adorin’, a big top of the mornin’
To every circus freak, pourin’ out of the circuitry
Send a thank you as a courtesy
Burnin’ leaves without a permit, servin’ the fiends without a purchase
Messin’ with hammers, but I don’t hurt ‘em
After surgery demanded the mirror
Choked out the doctor so nobody could hear us
But signs of a struggle couldn’t muffle a nice hustle
A couple of chuckles before defacin’ you with face puddles
A bad after taste, sufferin’ so many delays
To hear your tape sucks for days
Critically acclaimed, for what you pay
But that’s for the average listener prisoners
Getting’ by with a rewind, put in hard work
Not to listen to lame fakes whom I can’t relate with
Shock the globe with a taste from the tasers
Rob old folks and then reload our persuaders
Track Name: A Million MC's
Low flyin’ angels dedicate a séance to the lyrically disabled
The misery of company is dead, check the halo
Inspect decks and label
Press the intense fresh as somethin’ you can take home
Do the finger dance, skippin’ tracks, scratch that
Button tappin’ in the lab, supersizin’ rhymes
Signin’ lives on the dotted line, wake up
You messin’ with fake fucks, the new Dr. Strangelove
Bubble automatic, thought process constant
Caught droppin’ large, redirect and maraud
Façade of the century is that you have riches
Guess you gotta what you do just to fit in
Slash rap critics, slingin’ my recipe in broken down kitchens
Ingredients be leavin’ in a screwface condition
Embedded in the mind
A primo piece you can feed on, mine
Wise accompanied by the quiet sword swinga
Been through engineers, it took years just to link up
Creative juices flowin’, blowin’ out the speaker
Toe tag a match when a rap tries to synch up
Watch ya face pink up, explode when a motion taps ya jaw, that’s how we touch
Mind goes a mile a minute, try to keep up
Think you’ve had enough?
Never doubt the sound, the bounce is what we love
Hugs to the ones with none, dependin’ on a raw material crutch
The dunce with an F-Plus
Shout out to DJ’s providin’ the deep cuts
The white label turntables straight clean up
The foul smell of lyrics spat out the mouth
Take a chance, place your bet, we sanatizin’ your mess

Catacomb culture reaped by the beast
A million MC’s with the same personality
Hard to breathe, hard to see
A million MC’s with the same personality

Catacomb culture is reaped by the beast
A million MC’s with the same personality
Hard to breathe, hard to see
A million MC’s tryna steal the underground’s peak
Track Name: Telemundo
A medium monitor got your peas in a pod
City of lost children featuring the ones you forgot
Crayola rock colors collapsin’, adaption vanishes
’85 language back for this century, kid, primitive prime status active
Attack it with a technical challenge, inhabit cerebellums
Motivate matters when rappers gather and make it strange
Missin’ flickerin’ flashes, taggin’ ya wall
To capture contours that you couldn’t draw
Demonize my kind, pimpin’ images to the registry
Now former colleagues are an enemy
US gunnin’ for native objects, paranoid pockets pay for a false sense
Livin’ just enough for the world in a small apartment
Where writer’s block has stopped, the globe is givin’ up the content
Infinite resource we ignore to explore
Tap inside piloted bodies, push pulses past mediocre regions
100% suggests you’re not at your best
Head out with a can of metal, splash autographs on the hovercraft
Lash with a technique from the heavy hand
Tryna get close to that soul position I’m already at
All city, flag stabbin’ a concrete environment not entirely
As hallowed ground disintegrates these imitations flourish
Encouragin’ talk of false findings similar to the television
Quite an impression headed the worst direction
Precious moments in tow for the census, occupy lives with an edit
And sink inside the white noise, wasn’t a bright choice
Best to avoid fusing these signals with your brainwaves
Dodgin’ a missile at a critical measure
Only to have my partner shot to ash with a proper wave in the wind
Still the world burns with a quality beyond me as the record spins

Telemundo baby!
Track Name: What's Going On
Time to motivate, Colgate smiles all around
Nobody fuckin’ with a similar sound
Bigwigs sittin’ in they system, lookin’ to leech
Cold flows passed down zero dgrees
Kill crews in the nude, you wishin’ for material shit
Because you need props to get props
Rock an ill hoodie in the winter
Baby blue suit all new and no, it doesn’t look familiar
Buggin’ out at a Mulligan’s show, we slap hands
Puff grass; end it with a party crash
Smack ya Halloween mask off, expose ya fake face
Tryna set me up on game day
We fight for mics tryna get some exposure
Slayer in the cipher guarantees that it’s over
You know I do it all for the familia, leap toward faith
Semi conscious of the critical praise
Hellblaze through dark days, single out the lame
With the razorblade rain, suffer that pain in eight ways
You can’t mess with the best, kid
Try to outshine mine, but I’m afraid you lack the work ethic
Sad thing about a first impression is that you only get one
And nobody is a fair judge
Counter culture with none, choosin’ all of the above
So I can have a better chance when it comes
Don’t wanna be what it was
How the fuck do you stay relevant? What’s the future for us?
Down with the four course art, no cold heart
Proud that you sound so smart when spittin’ out an old dart
Just somethin’ to add to the binder bible stack
Before I huff a Dutch and relax
Rather die than suffer the same hits
Who wants to live forever and cater to necessities fits?

We can overstand if we only understood
What’s goin’ on in the hood
Track Name: The Notebook
Swimmin’ in a sea of snakes, the crew debaser
Explain to ya methods unparalleled, inhale the burnt smell
Certain excuses include my wing tips
Pegasus settlement at the helix, livin’ is a death prefix
We counter yours, polycorns, enemies swallow swords
And get thrown in the canyon, syllable smashin’
Counteraction lab, project Vida at last
Hold it against me if you can
Reference the multiplex venture, enter the chamber
Same apartment number, a blockbuster for ya summer
Programmin’ ya son like D.A.R.Y.L., bloody Marys celebrate Christmas carols
Radioactive single makes you sterile
Incredible melting man dissolves alone
Exposed holdin’ a microphone
Water damage managed to do the man in, appropriate postage in the ground
Let the grass grow and spread it out
A Tenor Saw mystery reopened, a cold case of why hip hop’s still alive
Comin’ back from the dead by a landslide
Must be doin’ ya thing
Must be the MCs doin’ they thing
Coke bottle assaults to those who ever thought wrong
Murda ya cult when my delivery is spot on
In tandem with the Silent Swordsman recordin’
Sorry for poor sports who hate, but don’t ignore it
Padded fragments launched from the cannon, killer axe style from the attic
Slaughter your science and send you packin’
Kickin’ it live, random rhymes outside
The elements will eat you alive
No poetry in the stee, what a relief pullin’ rhymes out of my sleeve
to serve 'em to the fiends
Better rock or get rocked, rob or get jobs, out of wedlock
Showin’ love to all the head shops, peace

Demonstrate a rhyme for ya mind, demonstrate a rhyme for ya mind
If we grind we shine
Back to the rugged, rugged, rugged
Rugged, rugged, rugged, rugged

Demonstrate a rhyme for ya mind, demonstrate a rhyme for ya mind
If we grind we shine
We can get back to the rugged, rugged
Rugged, rugged, rugged, rugged

Track Name: Wise Swordsman featuring J-Bowski - Move Up Ahead, Son
Do it for the babies, integrity remains as labels try to tame me
Haven’t burned a bridge
My sixteens haven’t been daily, bathing in ideas and thoughts
Hip hop to the core
Bad things happen, but the damage the past has practiced
Has been downsized for the after
Power to the people that have made that possible
Even though it’s bogus, show devotion when unnoticed
Catacomb culture is reaped by the beast, release
Originality that others repeat
First chair for the finest, ya hip hop highness
Not dyin’ spillin’ mad raps out the sinus
Cavity, nice track, I’ll teach you the angle
Pick myself up, I’m too heavy for these angels
MC’s are cannibals and I’m on the menu
Bust out the belly and I’m ready to continue
Send you to the cleaners, move up ahead, son
Title gets a mention ‘cause the future’s for the young
Understand, we represent the bbom bap branch
Rappers always need to be aware of the swordsman
Planetary conquest is not in the nature
But I still put in labor with a nice guy’s behavior
Majored in hieroglyphics, find a hidden message
Spray that’s ingested, cancerous lesson
Murder all your boys with the poisonous noise
Move up ahead, son, if ya feel that’s the best choice
Just spittin’ rhymes you can enjoy
After the session, eat a box of Chips Ahoy!
Soy yo, the microphone devastator break ya
Only ‘causse I must, I’ll apologize later
Gentleman proceeds toward the exit
Move up ahead, son, this wouldn’t be the first time I get it
Catapultin’ cannonball raps for the rapture
Tried to duplicate, but you had the scratched data
Smash an MC, that’s the way my crew answers
I before E, best believe we landed
A fresh take on MC politic set ups
People want to desecrate the way I write letters
Try to censor penmanship, independent station
Motivate the first, move when I lack the patience
Move up ahead, son, ya got the invention
Accomplish what the bosses were about throughout the talkin’
Marvel at the law, most of us think similar
I can bet a dollar that the bottom has a signature
Black cats are crossin’, pure matured antics
Standin’ as the swords vanish
Track Name: Wise Swordsman featuring Astro 'Jiggy' Jones - The Dawn of a New Hip Hop Generation
It’s like the battle of the smooth operators, the dawn of a new generation
Warm glowing warming glow, leavin’ the top of skulls vacant
The dreams you chasin’ are far fetched
Keep ya optic on the knowledge
Hour of the darkest, hidin’ in the shadows of Gotham
Cold flows generatin’ out the Arctic
Dope phenomenon, second comin’ of Yehoshua
On and on, party favors cater then we get along
You owe it to the thieves of homage so stop harassin’ the garbage
Rappers say the darndest things
So adorable the way they get serious, uptight
While holdin’ the mic spittin’ generic rhymes
Derelict minds getting’ by since knee high
Brought along a strong opposition for the justice
Drop one line to get the whole crowd buggin’
Breakin’ down amateurs surrounded by the public
Same cycle for the title, competitive spirit at some point will be gone
Lost in Oz
Styles get robbed when they see you got it all
Involved with the same song that I can never dodge
The dawn of a new hip hop generation
Spittin’ for the sake of entertainment
Track Name: Krebstar Radio
Krebstar Radio, strictly recreational
Hits me with a daily dose, hands off the stereo
Payola fees don’t guarantee a sweet release
Nothing’ nice to say so I guess I’ll keep my peace
Breakin’ the seams
Gotta speak my mind just to keep it at ease
Your favorite DJs at their respective stations
Let’s make an attempt to take requests, we got the latest
Put your quarter up at the Hop
Sound waves play; look what you’ve done to the spot
Cheers to the selection, glad I turned an ear to the piano class elective
A present to the present
With my past thoughts collected, Templeton expression
When a smorgasbord’s mentioned, portable disposal is the mic plus the headset
Dump the depression
Rainy days made to contemplate where I’m headed
The purple submersible has arrived
Never heard of you, but you’re welcome to come inside
Glad I discovered you, built sophistication during hard times in summer school
And other things we suffer through
Integrity varies in personalities
Program directors will always hassle me
As long as I’m complacent with the system, put on your eye patches
We piratin’ radio with our track list
Thoughts from the cabin, spillin’ all weekend, hidden frequency pattern
Don’t touch the dial
Track Name: Double Plus Deluxe
Peace to the Rio, trying to show ladies that there’s more to mio
Just spittin’ for the people
Throughout the wide world, replenish my fetish for suicide girls
‘Fore I start jottin’ the right pearls
Now I got a new taste for the beach and diversity in the streets
Mad folks to meet
I don’t speak Portuguese, could you please direct me
To that cultural boundary calling loudly?
This is that “I met a girl story on foreign land”
Making her wave hands as I break the mic stand
Carioca girl, mad hospitality
Hold hands walking in the hot sun casually
You couldn’t possibly see me as pretty as I was in this city
Never strictly silly
I’ll clown only if you let your guard down
Smart sound as the light bulb dings before I’m out
Playing with some contact, then I realize a mutual mind
Is hard to find, but that’s fine
We can agree to disagree, and shine peacefully
As she passes the sunscreen
But dreams only last so long, I got to move on
The pleasure disarms, I’m gone, that was so wrong

Up in the hotel samplin’, ramblin’, mumblin’ mayhem
Metaphors out the mouth during trainin’
Idiot savant breakin’ records, see me as sick
Coming out of Rio with my beats polished
Before I get on it we go sound shoppin’
Embarkin’ on a chop fest that’s honest to Godness
Keep it agnostic for the sake of the context
Rappers with sloppy lollies are actin’ all Bronson
Not a problem as I live the lifestyle of a pothead
Burnin’ leaves on the same beach we got ‘em
Stylized phonics, a message in the alphabet
Word is my bondage, solve it for the spectators
Everybody’s on it, could it be if it was less exclusive
We’d still outshine the students?
Proof is in the puddin’, got a lot to learn in life
And this vacation has increased relations
Between rap flavors, along with beat makers
Smokin’ cigarillos with a sweet tea chaser
Embrace the team, don’t impede on our scheme
Preach thoughts still printed off of the writing machine
Siamese dream, wise weaponry
TNT style’s loud, the crowd’s pleased
Scripted verses, money to earn
Wise and F-Plus, double plus deluxe